I have been photographing for nine years, so it is high time I show some of my work.
My website would not exist without Jacek Piszczek's help as well as the English version of this website would not exist without my wife Ania's initiative and translation. Here, I would like to thank them cordially!

... The eyes are the mirror of the soul; my world is reflected in them ...

After surviving a polar winter in a meteorological house tugged by the Antarctic wind... 16,338 kilometres cruise on "Polar Pionieer" through the Atlantic Ocean lasting forty days... Spending nights on solitary dunes, under the vault of thousands of stars lit over the desert, on the lake islands inhabited only by mosquitoes... In a down sleeping bag spread in the shadow of a dormant volcano, under a date palm, on a baulk separating a field of rye from a field of oats... Perceiving the sound of drowsy concerts by thousands of cicadas in a deserted steppe, feeling the warmth of sunrise, the smell of first rain drops on a dry cart... it is hard to stop... it is hard not to set off again...

Travelling, getting acquainted with other cultures and places is like an addiction... What do I try to show in my photos? I think it is the beauty, peacefulness and harmony of the landscape as well as the people co-creating it. I wish you a lot of pleasant moments while looking through my website.

- Piotr Angiel

The motto for my journeys is a saying by Asian nomads:

"What you've heard about for a thousand times is worth seeing at least once"