C o n t a c t :

My name is Piotr Angiel and I am Polish. I was born in Gdansk - the famous home city of Lech Walesa in the northern part of Poland.

In my childhood I was painting a lot in watercolors. When I started to travel, I had no time for painting, so the next and natural step was to start with photography. I have been photographing for 9 years, mainly during my trips. My favorite themes are landscapes and birds.

I finished two 5 years long studies, first Geography on the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, Warsaw University, then Geology on the Faculty of Geology at Warsaw University as well. My education makes me eager to travel, to see everything I had been learning about, to see and understand geography and geology by myself, working and looking at the wonders of the world. That is why I have been on so many trips in my life, and I am not going to stop: my trip has just begun.


1. Norway and Sweden 1999: trip to southern Scandinavia.

2. Slovakia 2000: trekking in High Tatra Mountains.

3. Germany 2001: Hanover, EGEA XI Western Regional Congress.

4. Iceland & Faroe Islands 2001: Fieldwork for Master's thesis research. Trip around the island.

5. The Netherlands 2002: Geographers Congress (EGEA) in Amsterdam

6. Mongolia and Russia 2002: trekking in the Changay Mountains, Gobi Desert expedition: a study of barchan sand dunes. Trans Siberian train trip from Ulan-Bator via Moscow to Warsaw.

7. Morocco 2003: Atlas Mountains expedition: collection of minerals and fossils.

8. Poland 2003: 1,500 km long trip alone on a bicycle around Poland.

9. Slovenia 2004: hitchhiking to the Adriatic Sea and Julian Alps from Poland.

10. North Russia 2004: two weeks of canoeing in taiga and a trip to Solovetsky Islands on the White Sea.

11. Lithuania and Latvia 2005: two weeks trip and 1,400 km on a bicycle around Lithuania and Latvia.

12. 40 days of crossing the Atlantic Ocean on ´Polar Pioneer´ ship: from Poland to the Antarctic 2005.

13. Expedition to the Antarctic 2005-2007: 15 month expedition. I was working as a geographer of the 30th Polish Antarctic Expedition to the Polish Antarctic Station, Henryk Arctowski and as member of the Summer Scientific Group of the 31st Polish Antarctic Expedition to the Polish Antarctic Station (King George Island, South Shetland Islands, the Antarctic).

14. Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay 2007: half a year trip in South America.
-Three months in Chile and Argentina including trekking in Tierra del Fuego and Andean Torres del Paine N.P. and Los Glaciares N.P.
-Visit to colonies of penguins in Northern Patagonia, tango in Buenos Aires, El Palmar N.P., Reserve del Corrientes, Iguazu N.P.
-One month voluntary work as an ornithologist at a farm in central Paraguay (near Concepcion).
-Trip around Brazil: Pantanal, ship journey to Amazonia (on Rio Madeira from Puerto Velho to Manaus and on the Amazon River from Manaus to Belem), east coast of Brazil: Fortaleza, Salvador de Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Puerto Alegre.

15. Iceland 2008: Expedition to Esjufjöll nunatak on Vatnajokull glacier: a lichenometry study of Esjufjöll nunatak deglaciation. Photographing puffins and amazing interior of Iceland with my best friend Michal.

16. Portugal 2008: short trip to Lisbon to my Photographic Exhibition ("Polar Experience"; during "Festival dos Oceanos")

17. The Antarctic 09.2008-03.2009: Monitoring of Adelie, Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins colonies on King George Island and Penguin Island. Preparing geomorphological and botanical maps of glaciers forefields.

18. The Rocky Mountains and Foothills 2009: one month field work for PhD in the wildness.

Please enjoy my photo galleries bellow: